24th November 2020
Ziwa Rhino Trekking

Ziwa Rhino Trekking Safari

Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch located in Nakasongola district is the proud home of the only wild rhinos in Uganda. The Rhino re-introduction project is a […]
12th June 2020

Uganda Gorilla Habituation in .

Gorilla habituation experience, what crosses our minds when we think of Uganda Gorilla Habituation experience? The hours that clients spend with the Gorillas, but we forget […]
17th February 2020

Uganda Gorilla Doctor Receives Sierra Club Award!

Dr. Gladys (as she is popularly known) is most famous for her work with the endangered Uganda gorilla of East Africa, where she works as a […]
17th February 2020

Dr. Jane Goodall!

 The Celebrated primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace was most notable among those who received awards for […]
15th January 2020

Kidepo Valley National Park.

It’s no wonder Kidepo Valley National Park is the most beautiful National Park bordered by South Sudan to North and Kenya to the East covering an […]
14th January 2020

Gorilla Habituation in Uganda.

Gorilla habituation experience, what crosses our minds is the for hours that clients spend with the Gorillas, but we forget deep about the deep meaning of […]
14th January 2020

About Lodges in Uganda National Parks.

National Park Lodges, accommodation in National parks, where to stay near Bwindi impenetrable National Park, where to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Where to stay […]
14th January 2020

Top Destinations to Track Chimpanzees in Uganda.

Discover the best spots across Uganda for seeing these great apes…Chimpanzees are in decline across their range: in parts of Africa, they are clinging on by […]
9th December 2019

Uganda Airlines.

Uganda Airlines made its inaugural commercial flight for the first time in almost two decades to (JKIA)  Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi on Tuesday 27th August […]
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